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mcc holds the first leadership expansion meeting after the spring festival
source:party-masses work department author:publicity sector release time:2024-02-19

  on the morning of february 19, mcc held the first leadership expansion meeting after the spring festival to pragmatically and efficiently study and deploy the key tasks of reform and development in 2024. chen jianguang, member of the party group and deputy general manager of china minmetals, secretary of the party committee of mcc, and chairman of mcc and china mcc, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech, putting forward five requirements on how to carry out the work in the new year.

  first, we should re-understand the positioning of headquarters. group headquarters should focus on strategic transformation and upgrading, and continuously strengthen the functions of "lead, service, and supervision". the so-called lead means to solve the problem of "where to go" from the strategic level, and guide the sub-enterprises to go in a scientific and correct direction. the so-called service means thinking about what the grassroots think, worrying about what the grassroots worry about, and solving problems for the grassroots. the so-called supervision means that on the basis of strengthening political supervision, we should make efforts to improve the ability of business supervision.

  second, we should re-understand the current situation and tasks. we should unify thoughts and actions with the analysis and judgment of the cpc central committee on the situation, the spirit of xi jinping's important speech, and the decision-making arrangements of the central economic work conference on economic work throughout the year, and take multiple measures to push all work of operation and management to a new level.

  third, we should re-understand the three-year action of improving fundamental management. we should focus on the three elements of system, institution, and personnel, refine and improve the construction of system and mechanism, optimize and build a lean and efficient organization, forge a team of high-quality cadres with both ability and political integrity and excellent ability and style, focus on consolidating fundamental management, and earnestly improve operational efficiency.

  fourth, we should re-understand the re-transformation and upgrading of enterprises. we should firmly adhere to the goal of "one establishment, the best and the most trusted, and five strengths", consolidate and optimize the strategic path of upgrading the business system of "one core, two subjects, and five characteristics", and firmly grasp the strategy of "focusing on development and management at the same time". at the same time, we should carry forward the reform spirit of daring to venture, try and be the first, increase scientific and technological innovation and investment in research and development, and introduce incentive measures to continuously consolidate and enhance the core competitiveness of mcc.

  fifth, we should re-understand how to run enterprises frugally. we should persist in practicing economy, and resolutely stop extravagance and waste. we should strengthen the rigid constraint of budget, and do everything possible to reduce various non-productive expenditures. we should systematically sort out idle assets, and improve the efficiency of asset use.

  in addition, party members and leading cadres should earnestly fulfill the "one position with two responsibilities" of party building and building a clean and honest government, persevere in correcting the "four forms of decadence", and unswervingly promote the comprehensive and strict administration of the party to develop in depth.

  members of the leadership team of mcc and china mcc, as well as leading cadres at or above the deputy level of headquarters departments attended the meeting.

chen jianguang delivers a speech

scene of the meeting

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