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  • national sliding center project for beijing winter olympics
  • formosa ha tinh steel project
  • hoaphatdungquat steel project in vietnam
  • 2,700,000t steel plant project of eastern steel sdnbhd
  • 3,500,000t steel project in malaysia-china kuantan industrial park
  • steel project of pt dexin steel indonesia
  • no.3 bf system project of baosteel zhanjiang iron & steel co., ltd.
  • high-quality products production base project of sd steel rizhao co., ltd.
  • production base project of hbis laoting steel co., ltd.
  • hydrogen metallurgy energy development and utilization engineering demonstrat...
  • tangshan fengnan zongheng steel base
  • steel project of yukun iron and steel group
  • 2,700,000t annual output high-quality special steel project of linyi iron and...
  • cooperative maintenance project of formosa ha tinh steel
  • kamoa-kakula copper project in the republic of congo (the democratic republic...
  • zhuhai cross gate central business district project in shenzhen
  • phase i and phase ii projects of zhuhai hengqin headquarters building
  • beijing yanqi lake international convention & exhibition center project
  • tianjin juilliard school project
  • shenzhen campus project of chinese university of hong kong
  • "one park and two centers" ppp project in yiyang, hunan
  • rongxi settlement building project in xiong'an new area
  • six batches design and construction general contracting project of unicorn is...
  • comprehensive hospital (hexi children's hospital) project in hexi district of...
  • zhengdong new district hospital project of first affiliated hospital of zheng...
  • lanzhou olympic sports center project
  • jinwan art center project in zhuhai
  • university town project in kuwait
  • medical insurance hospital project in kuwait
  • oran stadium project in algeria
  • sandu-libo expressway and sansui-shibing expressway project in guizhou
  • qingshuiyi-zhonghe section expansion and renovation project of g30 lianyungan...
  • kaizhou-yunyang expressway ppp project
  • chaijiaxia yellow river bridge project in lanzhou, gansu
  • no.2 rail transit line project in guiyang, guizhou
  • no.15 metro line project in xi'an
  • underground comprehensive pipe corridor construction ppp project section ii i...
  • yulinfumian airport project in guangxi
  • loudi qiaotouhe airport project in hunan
  • universal beijing resort project
  • shanghai disneyland project
  • sri lanka “primary gateway” airport expressway (cke) project
  • outer ring highway och project in colombo, sri lanka
  • cisumdawu toll road project in indonesia
  • universal studios singapore project
  • new phnom penh international airport project in cambodia
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