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mcc investment work conference in 2023 is held in beijing
source:mcc investment department author:investment department release time:2023-06-30

  on june 30, the mcc investment work conference in 2023 was held in beijing via "live video". chen jianguang, deputy general manager and member of the party leadership group of china minmetals, secretary of the party committee of mcc, and chairman of mcc and china mcc, attended the conference and delivered a speech; zhang mengxing, deputy secretary of the party committee of mcc, secretary of the party committee and president of china mcc, presided over the conference and made a summary speech; zeng jianzhong, member of the standing committee of the party committee of mcc and china mcc, and vice president of china mcc, made a 2023 investment work report.

  at the conference, chen jianguang delivered a speech titled focusing on the striving goals of "one establishment, the best and the most trusted, and five strengths", and striving to build a world-class investment and construction group with practical actions. he comprehensively reviewed the outstanding achievements made by mcc since last year in transforming the concept and cognition of "prioritizing work over investment", continuously improving and innovating management methods in terms of system, institution, and team construction, and proposed six work requirements for strengthening the construction of the investment system. first, we should strengthen the leadership of the cpc and highlight the service to the national strategy. second, we should give full play to the role of investment guidance and promote the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. third, we should optimize resource allocation and enhance the capability of project planning and operation. fourth, we should consolidate the main responsibility and strengthen the construction of the investment system. fifth, we should strengthen fundamental management, enhance investment control capabilities, and gradually achieve precise budget control. sixth, we should coordinate risk prevention to form solid protection for high-quality development.

  focusing on implementing the spirit of the conference, zhang mengxing made a summary speech, and requested all units to seriously study the content of the conference. he requested that in the new situation, we should actively change our concepts, improve our understanding, and firmly establish the investment concept of value creation to further focus on the main responsibilities and businesses; we should always adhere to the principle of investment orientation and innovative development to guide investment work and promote mcc to consolidate and improve market competitiveness and market share by investment effects.

  zeng jianzhong made a comprehensive summary and analysis of the work in the first half of the year in the work report, deeply analyzed the current problems and weaknesses, proposed the guiding principle of "focusing on value creation, emphasizing fundamental management, and promoting investment business towards standardization, specialization, and sustainable development", and made work deployment for the second half of the year.

  during the conference, as representatives of subsidiaries, shanghai baoye and china mcc17 respectively shared valuable experience in carrying out investment work from the aspects of "the way of building an investment and financing management system with enterprise characteristics" and "nine capabilities for promoting transformation and upgrading of enterprises".

  zhu guangxia, member of the standing committee of the party committee of mcc and china mcc and vice president of china mcc, non-group senior executives, main leaders of subsidiaries, members of the group in charge of investment business, main heads of relevant functional departments of the headquarters, attended the conference.

scene of the conference

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