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zhang mengxing meets with nguyen huangying, president of vietnam sasac, and his entourage
source: author: release time:2023-03-17

  on march 17, zhang mengxing, deputy secretary of the party committee of mcc, secretary of the party committee and president of china mcc, met with nguyen huangying, president of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of vietnam (hereinafter referred to as vietnam sasac), and his entourage at the mcc tower in beijing, and the two sides conducted in-depth communication and exchanges on further strengthening exchanges and cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

  zhang mengxing welcomed the visit of nguyen huangying and his entourage, expressed his gratitude to vietnam sasac for its long-term care and support to mcc, and briefly introduced the basic situation of mcc. he pointed out that mcc is the largest and strongest metallurgical construction contractor and metallurgical enterprise operation service provider in the world. in recent years, it has successfully achieved transformation by virtue of its professional technical advantages and business qualification advantages accumulated in the field of iron and steel metallurgy, and has made outstanding achievements in municipal infrastructure, eco-environment protection, real estate development and other fields. in recent years, mcc has adhered to the "two consistency" to effectively transform the advantages of the modern enterprise system with chinese characteristics into governance efficiency; has strengthened its main responsibilities and businesses to create long-term achievements and optimize the business system of "four beams and eight pillars;" has improved the development quality based on scientific and technological innovation to make the advantages of scientific and technological innovation become one of the core competitiveness of mcc; and has enhanced the competitiveness in the international market through "going global" to pursue "mutual promotion of domestic and overseas markets" and continuously reinforce the competitive advantages in the international market.

  zhang mengxing said that china and vietnam have close relations, as they are not only good neighbors, but also good friends, good comrades, and good partners. mcc also attaches great importance to the cooperation with all walks of life in vietnam, and since entering the vietnamese market in the 1990s, it has completed 190 contracts including many key steel projects such as formosa ha tinh steel and hefa rongju steel. in the future, mcc will give full play to the advantages of consolidation and integration in the whole metallurgical industry chain, while completing existing projects with quality and quantity, to further strengthen communication and docking with vietnam sasac, vigorously expand cooperation fields, innovate cooperation models, deepen cooperation levels, and make new and greater contributions to vietnam's economic and social development.

  nguyen huangying thanked mcc for its warm reception, expressed appreciation for mcc's long-term deep cultivation of the vietnamese market and help to vietnam's social and economic development, and briefly introduced the basic situation of vietnam sasac. he said that in order to improve the operation effect of vietnamese state-owned enterprises and strengthen the competitiveness of vietnam's economy, vietnam sasac was established in 2018. as a unit directly under the vietnamese government, vietnam sasac now takes over 16 state-owned enterprises in key industries, including energy, transportation, agriculture, and industry. multiple state-owned enterprises under vietnam sasac also have very close cooperation with chinese enterprises. as a large central enterprise, mcc has strong financial advantages, design and construction strength, enjoys a good reputation in the world, and in addition, it has established a long-term good cooperation relationship and solid cooperation foundation with vietnam sasac. he hoped that the two sides can take this meeting as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and docking in the fields of metallurgical construction, infrastructure, engineering consulting, etc., further increase strategic coordination, innovate cooperation models, and improve work mechanisms, so as to jointly create a new situation of collaborative development and mutual benefit and win-win results.

  ren lilong, director of the general office of vietnam sasac, fan junying, director general of the general affairs department of vietnam sasac, nguyen shixiang, secretary of the president of vietnam sasac, li qingjun, deputy general manager of the state development and investment department and vnsteel chairman, yan chunduo, deputy general manager of the state capital investment and operation corporation, li shuanglai, general manager of vnsteel, chen youxing, director of vnsteel, fan gongcao, deputy general manager of vnsteel and chairman of tisco; xie hui, deputy director general of the bureau of international cooperation of china sasac; chen gang, bi liyan, xu yongjie and others, heads of relevant functional departments in headquarters and subsidiaries of mcc, attended the meeting.

  zhang mengxing talks with nguyen huangying

  scene of the meeting

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