zhang mengxing comes to mcc tiangong for investigation and guidance and leads a team to inspect wanxin street project-尊龙凯时

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zhang mengxing comes to mcc tiangong for investigation and guidance and leads a team to inspect wanxin street project
source: author:中国中冶 release time:2023-02-26

  on february 25, zhang mengxing, deputy secretary of the party committee of mcc, secretary of the party committee and president of china mcc, led a team to investigate and guide the work of mcc tiangong, organized a symposium, listened to relevant work reports on production, operation, reform and development, etc. of mcc tiangong, and expressed work requirements for the follow-up development of mcc tiangong. during this period, zhang mengxing led the team to inspect mcc tiangong's economically affordable housing project for orientation placement due to urban village renovation of wanxin street and xinli street, dongli district.

  at the symposium, zhang mengxing conveyed the spirit of recent meetings of mcc, analyzed the current economic situation and tasks and targets in detail, and expressed seven clear requirements for the next reform and development of mcc tiangong around the goal of achieving "one establishment, the best and the most trusted, and five strengths" and based on the actual development of the enterprise:

  i. strengthen confidence and strive bravely to win. a new team should have a new look, take actions at a new starting point, and make new achievements in a new journey. the leading group of mcc tiangong should enhance its sense of crisis, sense of urgency, and sense of responsibility, dare to face difficulties, dare to crack the nuts, dare to contend for first place, and cope with new situations and challenges with practical actions; always adhere to the work style of emancipating its mind and seeking truth from facts, establish a work thinking of emancipating its mind and making continuous innovation, and keep a work attitude of emancipating its mind and solving problems, to lead cadres and staff to make another splendid achievement of tiangong.

  ii. find our own gaps compared with advanced enterprises and standards and contend for first place. we should find our own gaps by comparing with advanced enterprises in the industry and other subsidiaries, learn advanced management experience and typical practices, improve weak links, exploit the advantages to the full, and accelerate development, to start a good situation with good development quality and development scale.

  iii. keep up with the times and vigorously promote digitization. we should keep up with the pace of development of the times, take the development of the digital economy as an opportunity, accelerate the application of advanced technologies such as big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, and vigorously promote digital transformation, achieve the goal of "one step ahead, taking the lead every step", and continuously empower the enterprise to improve quality and efficiency, to make contributions to the "digital minmetals."

  iv. give full play to our advantages and promote development through rational layout. we should take "revolutionary" measures to rationally arrange regional companies, give full play to the special qualification advantage of tianjin subsidiary, and actively expand the tianjin market; we should make good use of the brand advantage of "china mcc13" and continue to deepen the shanxi market; we should do a good job in hierarchical authorization and maximize the role of regional companies to provide support for the steady development of the headquarters.

  v. prioritize the market and vigorously develop the market. we should, closely focusing on the high-quality development, form strong join forces of "leaders taking the lead in grasping the market, talents striving to develop the market," unify our thinking, gather our strength, and make practical results with practical work to set off a new upsurge in the high-quality development of mcc tiangong with marketing as the leading role.

  vi. value talents and consolidate responsibilities and loyalty. to ensure continue development, qualified successors are required. therefore, we should strengthen the building of cadres and talents and accelerate the building of a contingent of cadres with a reasonable structure and both political integrity and ability; we should carry out cultural heritage and work together to lead the majority of cadres to forge excellent political qualities, to make contributions to the interests of the enterprise and the collective on the "tiangong stage."

  vii. reinforce management and unite as one to ensure effective implementation. we should continuously improve fundamental management, eliminate the self-satisfied and self-contented mentality because of making any achievement, and always promote the enterprise management to develop with higher quality; we should work hard on implementation, carry out work through to the end, do what we say, take measures as soon as problems are found to get effect as scheduled, and unswervingly move towards the set goal.

  at the project site of economically affordable housing of wanxin street and xinli street, dongli district for orientation placement, zhang mengxing spoke highly of the project progress and civilized construction management, and put forward three requirements. first, safety in production is of paramount importance. we must always guarantee the safety in production, implement the responsibility for safety in production with an unforgotten sense of responsibility, and build a solid defense line for safety in production. second, build with ingenuity and polish the brand. we should strengthen quality management while fully promoting the resumption of work and production, build high-quality and reassuring projects, polish the brand of "china mcc" and make it shine in the land of tianjin. third, take multiple measures and stand firm in tianjin. we should give full play to local and qualification advantages, carry out wide contact and strengthen communication, further expand the tianjin market, and continuously increase the market share of tianjin projects.

  wang zirui, deputy chief engineer and chief safety officer of mcc, attended the investigation; members of the leading group in tianjin such as gao wenhua and wang zhentang from mcc tiangong, as well as non-group senior executives and department heads, attended the symposium.

zhang mengxing delivers a speech

scene of the symposium

  scene of the inspection

scene of the inspection

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