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zeng jianzhong lead a team to inspect the projects under construction in xiong'an area
source:mcc xiong'an new area investment and construction command author:xiong'an command release time:2024-01-31

  on january 30, zeng jianzhong, member of the standing committee of the china mcc party committee and vice president of  china mcc, went to xiong'an new area to lead a team to inspect dexian mansion project and xiong'an international trade center project in the start-up area.

  zeng jianzhong conducted on-site inspections, focusing on safety production, wage payment for migrant workers, payment for small and medium-sized enterprises, project performance, and work arrangements during the spring festival. combined with the construction characteristics of xiong'an, six requirements are put forward.

  first, we should improve ideological understanding to earnestly enhance political responsibility. we should firmly establish the concept of "putting the people first and life first", standing at the height of stressing politics, overall situation, and responsibility to make overall plans for development and security.

  second, we should build a dual mechanism to strengthen the management and control of risks and hidden dangers. we should achieve "full coverage" of safety inspection, "zero tolerance" of hidden dangers, "emphasis on practical results" of rectification, and do a good job of safety inspection during the spring festival to strengthen the bottom line risk.

  third, we should strengthen the main responsibility, and make overall plans for the safety management system. leading cadres at all levels should take the lead in going deep into the front line to carry out inspections, strengthen safety responsibilities at every level, and further improve the safety responsibility awareness and self-prevention ability of front-line operators.

  fourth, we should perform the contract with high quality and efficiency to create a quality model project. we should fully implement the requirements of the group's project management manual, create high-quality projects and benchmark projects to create xiong'an quality, and establish mcc brand image, realizing "on-site recycling market".

  fifth, we should implement "one position with two responsibilities", and do a good job in the construction of the party conduct and of an honest and clean government. we should fully understand the great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance of building "honesty xiong'an", and guarantee "xiong'an quality" with it.

  sixth, we should strengthen emergency duty to do a good job in emergency prevention. during the spring festival, we should strictly implement the system of leading cadres on duty, 24-hour duty for key posts, and accident information reporting, and plan the holiday activities of on-the-job employees to strive to create a good atmosphere of stability, harmony, and endeavor.

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