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bai xiaohu meets with wang sheng, secretary of committee of qinhuai district, nanjing
source:domestic marketing department author:domestic marketing department release time:2023-11-24

  on november 23, bai xiaohu, member of the standing committee of the party committee of mcc and cmcc and vice president of cmcc, met with wang sheng, secretary of cpc nanjing qinhuai district committee, and party secretary and director of the cpc southern new town management committee, and exchanged views on deepening the cooperation between the government and enterprises at the mcc building.

  bai xiaohu expressed that mcc has built up a business structure of "one core, two main bodies, five features", and was making unremitting efforts towards the goal of "one establishment, the best and the most trusted, and five strengths". the qinhuai district committee and government gave strong support to mcc over the years, and the two sides established a solid foundation for cooperation. it was hoped that both sides deepened cooperation in the fields of infrastructure construction, shantytown renovation, and urban renewal, with complementary advantages and multiple measures to realize joint development.

  wang sheng said that as one of the birthplaces of nanjing, qinhuai district featured a deep cultural heritage, developed business and finance, huge potential for innovation, and obvious location advantages. it was hoped that mcc would support qinhuai and develop its business in qinhuai as always, and increase its layout in qinhuai district. with all efforts, qinhuai district optimized the business environment, provided high-quality and efficient services and guarantees, and wrote a new chapter of mutual benefits.

  jin chao and xian min, deputy governors of qinhuai district, as well as people in charge of the district party committee office and investment promotion bureau met with gao wen hua, head of the people in charge of the relevant departments of the headquarters and subsidiaries of mcc group.

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